Kennewick Police are warning citizens to keep a close eye on all of your bank account and particularly your debit card as this new scam seems to be at an all time high in the city...

According to a Facebook post by Kennewick Police here's what they say are happening:

Kennewick Police Department has received numerous reports this week of fraud involving the use of what appears to be cloned debit cards. The suspects appear to have copied names, account numbers and PIN's of card holders who have the real cards in their possession. It is not known how or when the theft of that information took place.

Cards have been used for making purchases at numerous Tri Cities businesses. In some instances large dollar purchases have been made at the same business minutes apart, using the same card information. The suspects are also targeting in store ATM to conduct transactions.

Little information on possible suspects has been available however one subject was described as a Black male with what appears to be a Jamaican accent and the second described only as a Caucasian female.
Since these incidents involved use of a clone card and PIN authorization, victims are discovering the theft of money only after they attempt to use the real cards, finding the account is short or depleted of funds. Kennewick Police strongly suggest you check your accounts on a regular basis to determine if any fraudulent transactions are taking place. Most financial institutions provide fraud alerts where you can be notified of transactions over a specific dollar amount. This is also a valuable tool letting you know when any purchase over a specific dollar amount is made.

These incidents are under investigation. If you suffer a loss, contact the law enforcement agency where the incident took place and your financial institution.

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