It's a different day for sure! Students are going back to school. And, the high school kids at Kennewick High School are getting an upgraded facility. Last Friday, there was a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the new renovations, bringing the school into a new realm of learning.

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The new multi-million dollar remodel will allow students to learn in ways that the older building could not accommodate.

Kennewick High School was founded in 1904.

The new two-story building is designed to handle up to 2,000 students. The remodel includes not only upgrades to school classrooms, but also changes are in the works for the track, field, tennis courts, and baseball fields.

according to a letter from Principal King:

We’ll need your help to keep our new building clean and, even more importantly, we need you to help us create a friendly and accepting school for everyone. A few suggestions that will help everyone: 1. Clean up after yourself and don’t hesitate to clean up after someone else who forgets. 2. Hold the door open for the person behind you. 3. Walk on the right side of hall, just like driving a car. 4. Be on time (being late can be disruptive and comes across as disrespectful). 5. Be polite, including holding off on using profanity at school. Finally, I believe you will all be truly impressed with your new school building. It will certainly be the nicest school building in the Tri-Cities, but what makes KHS a great place is the positive attitude of our students. I look forward to seeing you all soon! Your principal, Mr. King

There is a mask mandate.

And...For more information,you can go here.

The first day of school for Kennewick School District is Wednesday, September 1st.

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