Every time I have ever stayed at a motel or hotel that offered complimentary breakfast, I always wondered what would keep anybody from walking in off the street to enjoy this? It's not like there is anybody at the door checking to see if you have a room key. There's usually a nice lady or two that is refilling the waffle batter and cereal bar items, but that's about it. How would you really know if somebody was a guest at the hotel or not? Well, I guess this couple must have stood out because somebody noticed that they were not hotel guests. And yet there they are, enjoying free complimentary breakfast...that is for guests only! After initially posting their photos on social media, Kennewick police have identified the couple. I don't know what the penalty for something like that is, but the bottom line is it's wrong. They probably won't even be embarrassed because people who do things like this are either on drugs or just don't care. That's my opinion anyway. Since we're on the topic of free breakfast, don't you just love the waffle makers they put in there? You know, the ones you flip. I liked that idea so much that I found one on Amazon. I love the fact that you can fill it with better, close it, and flip it for perfect batter spread! There are several expensive ones but I paid only about $30 for mine and love it. So does my grandson when he spends the night on a Friday and wakes up to Saturday morning waffles!

Steve Woods/TSM
Steve Woods/TSM
Steve Woods/TSM


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