Kennewick Bar That Fought COVID-19 Restrictions Is Closing

Citing several reasons including the pandemic, a Kennewick bar has shuttered its doors for good on Saturday night.

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The pandemic and the economy have been two reasons that the Facebook posting confirmed that the bar was closing.

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Koko's Bartini on 395 posted last week that they were closing their doors. Here is the posting as posted on the Facebook page from Koko's Bartini:

Tonight, Friday will be the last night for Koko's Bartini. We don't have the staff to open on Saturday. So please be patient tonight as it will be overly busy.
Thank you for everyones support for the past 3 years. We hope you've
enjoyed Koko's Bartini as much as we have serving you with great designer martinis and Chef's flavorful dishes.
But as previously stated Covid 19 and now high inflation has put the final nail in the coffin.
Leslie Achtymichuk

You might remember that Koko's Bartini was one of the businesses in February of 2021 that had their liquor license suspended for two weeks. They refused to follow Governor Inslee's indoor dining restriction.

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Koko's Bartini was hoping to open on Saturday night but according to their Facebook page, they were unable to open on their final night. It seems Koko's Bartini is officially closed for good as of Monday, March 28th.

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