Who went to the movies last weekend? Did you enjoy the extra elbow room? Most theaters in the Tri-Cities opened last Friday with 25% capacity, and the AMC Classic 12 in Kennewick will open this coming Friday. Ahh, the smell of movie theater popcorn!

Meanwhile, most of us have been watching movies at home, probably more than ever in our lives, thanks to the virus. And with that comes a whole lot more popping popcorn in the microwave, at least it has in my house. I've done my own little taste test and I found that when it comes to the best microwave popcorn, Act II comes in second and the winner is Orville Redenbacher. We get the 'movie butter' popcorn which isn't really as good as movie butter, but good nonetheless. Orville gets the nod for #1 mostly since the kernels pop a little larger and lighter in my opinion. Orville Redenbacher was a food scientist who experimented with hybrid corn kernels and created what we pop and eat today.

As far as movies at home go, "I Care A Lot" on Netflix with Rosamund Pike and Peter Dinklage is tremendous! It still blows me away when I hear Rosamund Pike, knowing she's British, and how perfect her American accent is. And if you thought Peter Dinklage was tough as the story book writer in Elf, then wait until you see him in I Care A Lot. (Sorry dragon people, never watched Game of Thrones).


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