Kellie Pickler -- our favorite to win this season of 'Dancing With the Stars' -- revealed an exciting and exclusive tidbit on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' on Friday (April 5). It involves her husband and their wedding song, and it is utterly romantic.

While talking about her chemistry with her pro dance partner Derek Hough, the brother of Julianne, Ellen asked Pickler if her husband Kyle Jacobs is jealous of how they interact on the show.

"My husband knows he is always going to get the last dance," the 'Red High Heels' singer explains.

She continues, "Speaking of my husband, I have an announcement… a little 'Dancing With the Stars' exclusive. My husband is actually going to be performing our wedding song that he wrote next week on 'Dancing With the Stars,' while Derek and I do the rumba!"

The song is called 'Say I Do,' a ballad that Jacobs penned shortly before their January 2011 wedding. He will be supported by the show's house band as his wife and Hough do their thing.

"It’s going to be an 100 percent emotional moment, and I’m just hoping I can keep it together," Jacobs says about performing the song. “Kellie's doing so well on the show, and she's having so much fun. The fact that she's dancing to this song, our song, means so very much to both of us… it honors the love that we have so much."

While Pickler may have chemistry with Hough on that dancefloor, he's still kicking her butt -- she calls him "a dancing drill sergeant."

She also revealed that she is doing the show and working on new music and while the schedule is also kicking her butt, she's eternally grateful. "Every day is like Thanksgiving, having so much food on my plate," she spills about pulling double duty.

Tune into 'DWTS' on Monday (April 8) at 8PM ET to see Pickler dance to her husband's song while he performs it.

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