We love the song "1994" and saw an article about why Joe Diffie isn't in the music video (other than on several young vixens' tiny T-shirts). Check out the answer:Connecticut radio station Country 92.5 interviewed Diffie last Tuesday and asked him why he wasn't on stage with Jason Aldean at the ACM award show, or in the music video for that matter. Didn't Aldean call him?

"Yeah, we had a couple conversations," he told the jocks, "But it just seemed like the timing was never good for either one of us. It'd be like, 'Oh, we're shooting our video next week,' and I'm like 'Well I got a show that day.' ...Jason's great, and I tell you what, I tip my hat to him because he's kind of revived my own career, you know?"

Signing autographs at a music festival recently several young kids came up to his booth just to check him out. People are taking notice of him and his music again, he said.

People ask if he can do the Diffie Dance, and unfortunately, he replies, the only dancing he does looks like Tim Conway's shuffle.

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