James Otto grew up in the small town of Benton City and his small town upbringing proved helpful on Wednesday night! He was scheduled to play at The City Winery  in Nashville when the valet drivers ran into a snag! Out of all six valets there was not one who knew how to drive a manual transmission!

Insert James Otto! He so graciously stepped up and helped make the impossible possible! Well, impossible for at least six valet drivers and most kids coming up in today's world! He parked the car for the valets!

James Otto took to Facebook to poke a little fun about the incident;

I just had to valet park another customers car for the valet at this event I’m playing tonight cause not 1 of the 6 valets working could drive a stick. The manual transmission truly is the best theft deterrent device these days.

I drive a manual transmission and I always tease that nobody will ever steal my car too! Back in MY day we learned to drive with a "stick shift" and that was the vehicle I took my drivers test with. Like James, I also grew up in a small town where farm equipment and tractors were part of everyday life and manual transmissions were in everything. It is heartwarming to see gestures like this, thanks for stepping up and helping these guys out Mr. Otto! Also, I am thinking one of these guys should take the backroads home and take a crash course on manual transmissions!

A job well done!! They all raised $150000 for the Rally Foundation, which raises money for childhood cancer research


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