Actress and Comedian Caroline Rhea performs at the Spokane Comedy Club this weekend, so we thought it would be fun to showcase a few facts about her life and career.

01) Caroline Rhea Was Aunt Hilda on Sabrina

Duh. She even reprised the character for a couple episodes of the much darker Netflix series, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

02) Phinneas and Ferb call Caroline Rhea "Mom" (or "Mum")

Rhea plays Linda Flynn-Fletcher, biological mother to Phinneas, and step-mom to Ferb.

03) Caroline Rhea Roasted Alec Baldwin 

Comedy Central Roast Of Alec Baldwin - Show
Getty Images for Comedy Central

Your wife Hilaria is in great shape,

but who wouldn't be after pushing around a 200 pound baby all day?

-Caroline Rhea at the Roast of Alec Baldwin


04) Caroline Rhea is a Frequent Match Game Guest

In fact, she's a popular guest on a lot of game shows. Who wouldn't want to partner with Caroline Rhea on game night?

05) Caroline Rhea Hosted a Touring Version of Family Feud

Family Feud Live, Mark Goodson Productions
Family Feud Live, Mark Goodson Productions

The production toured the U.S. and Canada, bringing TV-style game show fun to regular folks like you and me at state fairs.

06) Caroline Rhea and Ex Costaki Economopoulos Have a Daughter Together

2012-13 Disney Channel Worldwide Kids Upfront
Getty Images

Ava Rhea Economopoulos was born in October of 2008. Her father Costaki Economopoulos is a stand-up like mom, and a regular on radio's Bob & Tom Show. I interviewed Costaki back in June. You can find our conversation here.

07) Caroline Rhea Has Won Lots of Money for Charity

See? Told you she was good at games. And she has a good heart.

08) Caroline Rhea is Quotable

Caroline's On Broadway 20th Anniversary Comedy Concert
Getty Images

Being in therapy is great. I spend an hour just talking about myself. It's kinda' like being the GUY on a date.

-Caroline Rhea


09) Caroline Rhea Has Been Doing Stand-up Since 1986

According to Wikipedia, "Rhea moved to New York in 1986 to pursue a career as a comedian and actress." Things worked out pretty great, wouldn't you say?

10) Caroline Rhea is from Canada

Show me a truly hilarious American comedy actor and I'll show you a Canadian with dual citizenship. Caroline Rhea is from Montreal.

BONUS FUN FACT: During the pandemic shutdown, Caroline Rhea participated in Spokane Comedy Club's "virtual" Zoom comedy show, which raised money for employees and for charity.

Now you know a bunch of stuff about Caroline Rhea. You're ready to see her perform live. Catch her Thursday, Friday and Saturday at Spokane Comedy Club.

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