As ballots begin to be returned for the November 8th Election, there have been reports of "Drop Box Watchers" in several states, including Washington.

In the Tri-Cities, voters have felt uncomfortable enough to report the drop box watchers to the police.

Are these voters over-reacting? Have you ever been watched like a hawk by a stranger? Whatever their intentions, it puts off a creepy vibe.

Photo by David Sinclair on Unsplash
Photo by David Sinclair on Unsplash

Here, then, are two important things to know about Washington's ballot drop box watchers.

1. Watching the Drop Box Is Legal

Watching the drop box is legal in Washington State.

2. Watchers Need to Keep Their Distance

Watchers cannot be within 25 feet of the ballot drop box.

3. Watchers Cannot Interfere with Voters

Watchers cannot stop you from voting or intimidate you in anyway.

Why are They Watching Drop Boxes?

President Biden Speaks On Preserving And Protecting Our Democracy At D.C.'s Union Station
Getty Images

NOVEMBER 2: U.S. President Joe Biden delivers remarks on preserving and protecting Democracy at Union Station on November 2, 2022, in Washington, DC. Biden addressed the threat of election deniers and those who seek to undermine faith in voting in the upcoming midterm elections. (Photo by Michael A. McCoy/Getty Images)

Unfortunately, this is one of the side-effects of false claims of widespread election fraud. Once doubt is cast, no amount of evidence - or lack of evidence - will convince people otherwise. And in this case, election deniers continue to be influenced by lying, opportunistic politicians, talking heads on TV, and conspiracy groups.

They fear that you are going to tamper with the election somehow.

Likewise, you fear that they are going to interfere with your right to vote in the election.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

-Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 32nd President of the United States

And here we are.

You can view more of Washington's ballot rules/laws here.

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