If anything, at least the alien chose some place warm to launch an attack that attracted swarms of police officers.

How Incident Started At Miami Mall

According to Newsweek, more than 60 police cars rushed to Bayside Marketplace in Miami to allegedly breakup a large fight involving teenagers and fireworks. Four were arrested following the brawl.

The website reported police arrived just after 8:30 p.m. following several 911 calls reporting "gunshots." The Miami Police Department quickly shutdown roads leading to the downtown mall.

Videos shared on social media show the street lined with flashing squad car lights and blaring sirens. According to some people, however, the videos show much more than officers responding to a call.

'Alien' Walking Between Police Cars

Several videos have surfaced from the night of the incident. One of the most watched on X (formerly Twitter) shows an overhead view of the scene.

"That's a huge police presence for some kids shooting off fireworks and fighting inside a Miami mall Monday night," one share of the video reads on X

Those questioning the large police response took things to the next level on TikTok where users zoomed in on the original arial footage to show what they believe is a 7- to 10-foot tall alien walking between police cars.

"The same user claimed that eyewitnesses said the creature was blending in with the crowd 'even though it was very tall' and that it's gray-silver colored," Newsweek reported.

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The Miami Police Department has yet to comment on the "alien" theory. Newsweek said there is no mention of any creatures in the department's report from the incident.

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