Finding those killer winter hacks that are cheap and easy isn't something we go in search of necessarily so let me introduce you to four that will possibly change your life.

Meanwhile, if you live in a warm state laughing at winter weather while lying on the beach in February, after you finish rubbing it into those friends who are bundling up, share these fun hacks because they'll appreciate them.

Raw Potatoes

Yes, potatoes are for more than just eating. Thanks to the Farmers Almanac, all you do is slice a raw potato in half and rub it on your windshield the night before a storm. It'll help fight the ice from forming.

Coffee Grinds or Cat Litter

Did you run out of salt? Well, hopefully, you're a coffee drinker because coffee grinds work, too. They add a rough surface to those slippery walkways and the acid helps melt the ice. According to 12 Tomatoes, it works wonders. Meanwhile, cat litter works, too. Even sprinkling it behind tires will help a stuck car.

Cooking Spray or Vegetable Oil

Ugh, shoveling is one of the most frustrating parts of winter especially when you have a tough time getting the shovel through the snow. According to First For Women, spraying or rubbing vegetable oil or cooking spray on your shovel makes the shoveling so much easier. According to, it acts like a lubricant, preventing the snow from sticking to the shovel.

Meanwhile, Bob Vila recommends cooking spray to unclog snow blowers before you start them or once you've cleared any snow after you're finished. Again, it's all about keeping the snow from sticking and making your life so much easier.

Hand Sanitizer

OK, who doesn't have hand sanitizer at the ready these days? And now it has another use, deicing frozen locks. According to, this helps thaw the ice pretty quickly so you can open up your door.

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