A woman is begging her brother to take her in after her husband kicked her out for stealing their savings to buy Taylor Swift tickets.

The woman's brother shared the story on Reddit, revealing that his 37-year-old sister Melissa, who is a massive Swift fan, has recently been fighting with her husband Josh about how she spends money, as her "spending has been an issue throughout their marriage."

"It all came to a head about a week ago when Josh discovered $30K missing from their savings account ... Josh snooped on Melissa’s transaction history, and discovered during a supposed trip to see Melissa’s friend for a week (she was going to drive down a state and stay with her) Melissa had withdrawn $30K from the savings account and spent it on a week in Brazil to see a Taylor swift concert and party by herself," the brother explained.

"She spent every penny of that $30K and came back like nothing happened," he shared, adding that though Melissa took the money last year, Josh only recently found out.

"They had a massive fight, and eventually the police were called and Melissa went to stay in a hotel. Now, the money she had in her personal account is almost out and she showed up outside my house begging to be let in," he continued.

"I told her tough s--t, she needed to figure this out by herself and I’m not going to support her due to her past spending issues at home," the man concluded his post.

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In the comments section, Reddit users slammed the woman for going behind her husband's back, as well as supported her brother for not letting her behavior slide.

"I think I can speak for everyone not even making $30K a year when I say that blowing that kind of money on a single trip while lying to your husband through your teeth is unconscionable," one person wrote.

"That’s a 'them' problem. Block and ignore," another user advised.

"I can speak for someone making several times that and that’s a crazy amount to spend on a single trip. I wouldn’t spend that on a honeymoon," someone else commented.

"She caused the entirety of her situation herself. It's not like she was a victim of circumstance. Everyone who's reached the age of reason knows that spending $30K on a damn concert abroad is utterly ridiculous. Not to mention her lying to her husband ... You're entirely within your right to refuse housing her, especially if you believe she'll also take advantage of you," another wrote.

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