Rascal Flatts' Joe Don Rooney, 48, is setting the record straight regarding rampant social media rumors that he is transitioning.

On Wednesday (Jan. 3), the musician posted a lengthy message to X (formerly Twitter) explaining why he has been away from the spotlight. He also shut down rumors that he is transgender.

"First off, I am alive! There have been so many rumors and opinions thrown around about me ... but I’m finally healthy and ready for the world. And NO, I’m not transitioning to be a woman," he wrote on social media.

"That thought has never entered my mind. Nothing against the trans community whatsoever but I needed to set the record straight," he added.

The guitarist, who was arrested for driving under the influence in 2021, noted he has been focusing on sobriety after he "ran square into a tree" and nearly killed himself two years ago.

"My life and career took a major detour. I was drunk and I was so far gone with my life ... I was completely out of control," Rooney wrote, admitting he hadn't been a good husband, father or bandmate over the years.

"I probably would’ve never taken responsibility for any of this if it hadn’t been for my car wreck. Fortunately, and I truly believe this, God [led] me into that tree safely enough to not kill me ... and luckily nobody else was involved and I didn’t injure or kill anyone," he shared.

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Rooney went to rehab following the crash.

"I’ve been sober now for almost 28 months come this Jan. 13. I never believed I could actually live my life without drinking. It had become such a huge part of my daily and nightly routine. I had tried to stop on my own in the past but the powerful nature of alcohol always found its way back into my life," he continued.

The "Life Is a Highway" singer ended his statement by thanking God for helping him through his dark times.

"Now, I need to protect my family and protect my sobriety. I have new healthy boundaries for the first time in my life. Only positive, loving, caring [and] understanding people may enter," he concluded.

The Rascal Flatts alum and his ex-wife Tiffany Fallon Rooney split in 2021. They share three children together: Jagger, 17, Raquel, 13, and Devon, 9.

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