When tragedy strikes, country music can provide comfort to those left hurting in the aftermath. Time and time again, when country fans are going through their worst moments, they can turn to their favorite music to find solace and know they're not alone.

It's always been the truth-telling genre, so it's no surprise that many of the stories that inspire great tragic country songs are based on real events. Many of country music's greatest artists and songwriters have documented world tragedy, providing a robust cache of music to soothe fans' souls when the world is hurting. Tragic events like war, catastrophic events and natural tragedy have all been at the center of many country songs.

Personal tragedy doesn't have that same effect of collective grief, but everybody knows the devastation of losing a loved one to death or serious illness. That's why country music about personal loss is just as important: Though the specifics of the situation may apply only to one person, family or community, the hurt they feel is universal.

It's not just listeners who take comfort in songs about personal tragedy. Oftentimes, an artist who has gone through a devastating loss will turn to music to write about their experience, and find some healing in the process. With so many country stars who have been through tragic circumstances, it's no surprise that there is a long list of country songs inspired by real, personal tragic events.

In this list, you'll find artists on a musical journey through grief. Whether that's the loss of a friend, a parent, a grandparent or a child, these artists documented their experience as a way to heal — and a way to let others suffering similar pain know they're not alone. Flip through the gallery below to find 31 country songs that tell true personal stories of unthinkable pain and loss.

31 Country Songs About Real Personal Tragedies

The greatest country artists sing songs about real life, and sometimes, that means opening up about devastating personal tragedies. Here are 31 heartbreaking country songs inspired by real-life events.