Great minds think alike — especially when those great minds have spent the past 18 years married to each other.

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary on Sunday (Dec. 10) by exchanging gifts, but there was just one issue: The gifts they chose for each other were nearly identical.

Yearwood posted a photo of the two flower bouquets she and her country star husband wound up sending each other. One of them includes more shades of pink than the other, and seems to incorporate a few more sprigs of daisies, but they're both peach-colored, elegant bouquets that heavily incorporate roses.

Oh, and the cards that they sent each other to go along with the flowers? The messages Brooks and Yearwood wrote to each other are identical, down to the last word.

"When your husband sends you flowers and you send him flowers and the card says exactly the same thing!" she writes in the caption of her post.

Yearwood didn't share the specific message that both she and Brooks wrote to each other, but she included some romantic hashtags, like "#happy18," "#love" and "#morethanever."

Yearwood and Brooks married on Dec. 10, 2005, but they've known each other much longer: They met in 1987, when both were up-and-coming country performers, and Brooks invited Yearwood to open some early shows for him. Both were previously married to other people, but eventually both marriages ended and the pair started dating.

In May 2005, Brooks proposed to Yearwood at Buck Owens' Crystal Palace, on the very same night that Carrie Underwood won Season 4 of American Idol.

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