There's no doubt about it: Tattoos are becoming more and more of a common sight in the country music community.

A new generation of superstars like Jelly Roll, Ashley McBryde, Kane Brown and Morgan Wade are all rocking ink when they take the stage every night. We're not talking about a small piece of body art here and there, either: These stars have tattoos up and down their arms, legs, chests and backs -- some even have them on their hands and face.

But tattoos aren't a new phenomenon in the country genre by any means. Merle Haggard reportedly had a self-administered tattoo that read "PSI" on his wrist, standing for Preston School of Industry -- the juvenile facility where he once served time as a child.

Other legends have gone under the needle, too -- whether they let the public see the results or not. Dolly Parton and Garth Brooks are two greats who've never let their fans see their ink, though they've got no problem copping to the tattoos' existence. Luke Bryan's got a tattoo he doesn't show off publicly, either, but that's more about the location than the design itself: Yep, his famous booty is branded with his wife's initials!

Then there are other stars who love showing off their ink, and several who just wouldn't look the same without their signature body art designs. Can you imagine Keith Urban without his famous tribal tattoos, Miranda Lambert without her winged pistol or Ronnie Dunn without "Cowboy" written across his arm?

Flip through the gallery below to see the coolest tattoos in country music, and learn the stories behind some of your favorite stars' ink.

See Country Stars' Coolest Tattoos

Do country music and tattoos really go together? Heck yes they do! From delicate, tastefully-concealed designs to full-on job-stoppers (that means ink on your hands or face!), country stars have it all. Scroll through this list to see 26 of the most amazing, meaningful and recognizable country music tattoos.