I've been told that the oldest bowling alley in Oregon is in the city of Tigard.

I love to go bowling. I'm not any good at it, but it's always been a fun past-time for me.

I can recall my friends choosing a bowling alley to go hang out with the boys we thought were cute, and the platonic ones we decided to hang out with because the cute boys wanted nothing to do with us.

I've been taking my daughter bowling since she was tall enough to roll a 5-pound ball down the bumpers. I suggested a local bowling alley to one of my besties when our kids were still in preschool for birthday parties.

Bowling alleys are still a popular place for birthdays no matter what state you live, and I love that it's a piece of Americana.

Who doesn't love a good bowling movie, like The Big Lebowski?!


The oldest bowling alley in Oregon is allegedly the Tigard Bowl (11660 SW Pacific Hwy). Locals call it a national treasure.

The Oldest Bowling Alley in Oregon

Tigard Bowl has been around since the 50s.

Best old timey bowling alley?
byu/Sensitive-Sorbet917 inaskportland

If you want to bowl here, you'll love the "old-timey" vibes.


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