I grew up in a town in Tennessee where one of the urban legends was the Montgomery Bell Witch.

If you looked in the mirror in a dark room and repeated three times, “I don’t believe in the Bell Witch!”, you would allegedly wake up the next morning with unexplained scratches on your body.

The point of this is that as a kid, I tried this several times in the mirror, and I never got unexplained scratches. (Needless to say, I was rather disappointed because I wanted to prove the Bell Witch story was real.)

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Did Witches in Oregon Really Do Wicked Volcanic Rituals?

Many curious people visit Salem, Massachusetts, for a spooky witchy experience, but if you live in the Pacific Northwest, you don’t have to go that far.

Just head to Oregon and visit this extinct volcano that is affectionately nicknamed The Witches’ Volcano.

I’ve seen people saying the volcano used to be a place for dark magic and satanic rituals. This piqued my curiosity!

You can’t explore Malheur Butte willy-nilly anymore. What was once open to the public is now private property.

That’s probably a good thing since there have been reports for decades about how haunted and creepy Malheur Butte allegedly is.

I’m nosey, so my first question is: What kinds of evil rituals were allegedly performed there?


This Haunted Place in Oregon Is Supposed to be a Gathering Place for Witches

I consider myself to be a logical thinker, as opposed to believing in spooky legends and myths. Here is my take on these reports of dark magic and witch rituals up on Malheur Butte.

‍♀️ Creepy voices and witches cackling? It was probably just some friends hanging out one night and shooting the breeze. Somebody probably told a funny joke and cracked everybody up, and one of them had an annoying, distinctive laugh.

I’ve had friends that have weird laughs. I’ve even heard people with weird laughs on the radio!

‍♀️ Human bones found in caves? They probably got eaten by a bear or a wolverine!

‍♀️ Spontaneous fires? Forest fires are a thing, especially when humans started it!

‍♀️ Tents being dragged with people inside? Probably some friends pulling a bad prank, or lurkers who wanted the campers to go away!

As for the figures in long, dark robes? I’m guessing that because it does get cold up there on the butte, they wore something practical to keep warm at night. Something like COATS!

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