Yep, I'm a hot mess but I'm working on myself. I can't keep my junk drawer neat and tidy no matter how hard I try. It makes me feel so anxious and unorganized when I know my drawers are all over the place. I used to feel bad about the pile of clutter sitting in there until I realized I'm not alone. Thankfully, I have been on a roll decluttering my kitchen this week.



When my house is a mess, I feel like Miss Minutes, that time when she went batsh*t crazy in Loki! I just threw out a huge bag of stuff this morning before heading to work, thanks to this organizing lady I found on YouTube, The Minimal Mom, and I'm feeling lighter and more relaxed already!

The Minimal Mom wisely suggests that if you haven’t used an item in your junk or kitchen drawers in over a year, but you don’t want to outright throw it away or donate it, then put it in a “Time Will Tell” bin.

Time Will Tell Bin

Then see if you end up using that junk within the next few months, and if you don’t, then get rid of that clutter!

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It seems that the random stuff we Washingtonians keep in our junk drawers is universal. How is it that we all collectively think about keeping the same things in there? There’s no memo that tells us what to put in junk drawers, we just instinctively do it. I find that hilarious!

️I saw a recent Facebook post where people revealed the things they keep in their junk drawers. How many of these items do you currently have on this list?

9 Very Unsurprising Things That Every Person in WA Has in Their Junk Drawers

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