The bill has bi-partisan support and has been pre-filed with the legislature. It will be considered during the 2024 legislative session that begins in January.

16th District GOP Rep Skyer Rude introduces financial education bill

Rude, who represents the large District that includes Walla Walla, and some parts of Benton County and the Tri-Cities, has profiled this bill, which would require students to learn about personal finances.

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 House Bill 1915 and its Senate Companion, SB 5819, would require students to earn at least a half-credit for learning personal finance. The legislature has, since 2015, already taken some steps to include personal finance and budget education in schools, this bill would require completion to graduate.

According to Rep. Rude:

“It is time all students receive this crucial education regardless of school district. This has to be an even greater priority for the Legislature.”

The program would teach students basic elements about how to create a personal budget, how to balance incoming money with outgoing expenses, and other basic personal financial tools needed to survive in today's economic world.

WA State Treasurer Mike Pellicciotti also supports the bill, saying:

“Basic financial skills are an essential element for the economic health of all Washingtonians as they plan for their futures, seize new opportunities and weather financial hardship."

The program would begin with the graduation class of 2029 in all WA state public high schools.


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