Thieves drive stolen car through store doors (google street view)
Thieves drive stolen car through store doors (google street view)

Seattle Police say they have determined the car used to bash through the doors of a Seattle pot store was stolen.

A car driven through front doors

Around 3:30 AM Thursday morning, SPD says a Kia Forte sped up to the glass front doors of The Seattle Cannabis Co in the 7200 block of Rainier Ave. and did not slow down.

The car blasted the doors open, allowing at least one suspect to enter. Police did not elaborate, but there are reports there were multiple suspects involved.

However, the suspects did not take very much product, mostly items from the display cases, which the store owner says often do not contain any THC.

SPD says the car used to plow through the door was stolen because when it was located at the scene, abandoned, the ignition had been punched out, a trick used by thieves to hot-wire certain vehicles.

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Area business people and residents say the area has been bad for some time, they're not surprised it happened.

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