We had reported recently due to two operational levy failures in February and April, the Moses Lake School District was looking at cutting some jobs and other reductions.

  New information indicates perhaps some accounting errors involved

According to information released by The Center Square,  as the District begins to try to navigate a $20 million dollar shortfall, layoffs appeared to be the only major strategy. However, some accounting errors also led to the shortfall, according to The Center Square:

"Linda McKay, deputy superintendent of North Central Education Services District, said the levy's failure is a significant factor, but a review of MLSD's accounting also showed several discrepancies with grants and enrollment statistics, overestimating accruals. 

"That revenue accrual error … had a significant impact on [the district's] fund balance and what was being reported to the board," said Trisha Schock, NCESD's executive director of administrative services, during the meeting. "[The district's] fund balance went from $13.5 million to $2 million because you were over-reporting revenue."

According to Officials, the $11 million dollar error occurred because of what was called double-booking grant revenue without later correcting it to an accurate balance.

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School board officials were told they have to approve the reduction in workforce because, without it, the financial stability of the MLSD is in doubt, and could potentially go bankrupt if the affected staff are not notified by a May 15th collective bargaining deadline. The MLSD released information this week indicating staff reductions alone will trim 13 of the $20 million shortfall.

Affected staff were given what are called non-renewal notices. No other specifics were released yet about what effects this will have on numerous student and extra-curricular programs.


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