These programs are known by various names around the state, some are called Gifted and Talented, Advanced Placement, others, such as the Kennewick School District, call it the COG Program. But in Seattle, the public school district is getting rid of it.

   Gifted and Talented Program to be replaced by equity plan

 The Center Square is reporting the Seattle School District (SDS) is replacing the gifted program with a plan called the Highly Capable School Neighborhood Model.

SDS officials claim it will be better than the program it is replacing. According to The Center Square:

“To address historical inequity, SPS has changed how we identify Advanced Learners and Highly Capable students,” the district’s website touting the new program states. “All teachers will provide teaching and learning that is delivered with Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and differentiated to meet the needs of students within their grade level. The approach includes three tiers of service for students depending on individual needs, delivered in a way that honors individual cultures and backgrounds.”

Traditionally, Gifted and Talented (GT) programs have elevated students by one or more grade levels, usually beginning around 4th or 5th grade. Students might not be placed with older classmates but will be assembled from across the school or district into the appropriate grade level. Then they are given a much more advanced curriculum. GT students are usually identified via their test scores and clear evidence they're not being challenged at the current grade level.

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Some schools set aside an elementary or middle school to host the GT program.

Seattle claims the new program is better.

This is how the new Seattle program will 'compare' to the typical GT program mentioned in this story: (image from Seattle SD)

This is what will replace gifted program (SDS)
This is what will replace gifted program (SDS)



Pier 4 is "Engage Families Often" and Pier 5 "Provide Tiered Support Services."

Critics say instead of advancing and giving highly capable students educational programs they need to excel, this will instead try to lower their expectations while trying to make lower-performing students excel by enabling them.

Seattle SD plans to eliminate the GT program by the 2027-28 school year.

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