Richland Save Station to open September 29th. (City of Richland)
Richland Save Station to open September 29th. (City of Richland)

You may not know what they are, but we guarantee you have seen them on the walls of many gyms, including (for example) Planet Fitness. In 2021 an AED was credited with saving a person's life at a PF gym, workers used it to revive a cardiac arrest victim.

   New public AED station to go online in Richland September 29th.

AED stands for Automated External Defibrillator and it's a device that allows a non-medically trained person to help someone undergoing a heart attack or other cardiac distress involving their heart stopping.  Many school sports programs also have them available and they have them standing by at practice and events.

It contains a set of instructions on how to apply the components in the case to safety revive someone.  It's a simpler version of the paddles you see used in hospitals and emergency rooms.

AED's have been credited with saving hundreds of lives over the last few years, and now a public AED station will open in Richland.

As part of the city's Heart Save Initiative, this Save Station will officially begin operations on September 29th, and the public is invited to come at 11 AM to see it and learn how it works. It will be located in the Howard Amon Park turnaround just off GW Way.

Save Stations are becoming more prevalent in communities, especially in busier parks and recreation areas that see a lot of use.

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Richland's HeartSafe program trains people on how to handle cardiac related emergencies, and also promotes a number of programs designed to improve cardiac health.


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