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A new 2023 study examining the safest cities in America ranks Seattle and Tacoma in the bottom 20.

Wallet Hub study shows Seattle, Tacoma, dropping

Wallet Hub is a credit card and personal finance website, and they have a wide variety of surveys ranging from safety to financial, best states to retire, etc.

 This new study ranked 182 major US cities and metro areas, based on public safety data. The study utilized threats to public safety from crime to public health, mass shootings, traffic accidents, and more.

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Seattle was ranked 158th, while Tacoma came in at 161. Wallet Hub analysts say Seattle was ranked 116th in 2020 but has dropped steadily since.

  The five safest cities in the study are:

  1. Nashua, New Hampshire (safety score of 86.00)
  2. Columbia, Maryland (safety score 85.97)
  3. South Burlington, Vermont (safety score 85.18)
  4. Gilbert, Arizona (safety score 84.24)
  5. Warwick, Rhode Island (safety score 84.03)

The bottom five, least safe cities are 178, through 182, Detroit, Baton Rouge, San Bernadino, CA, Fort Lauderdale, FL, and the most unsafe city is St. Louis Missouri.

The only other city in WA that was ranked was Spokane, at #63. Portland, OR was ranked 148th. Boise and Nampa, Idaho were ranked 20th and 27th safest.

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