The College Place School District reports a student was removed from class after what was initially believed to be a weapons threat. The District is close to Walla Walla.

  A student was removed from class without incident

The District said a student reported to school officials they thought they saw another student with a handgun on their person Wednesday morning.

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Area Police were also notified by school officials, but rather than alert the student by placing the school in lockdown, officials were able to closely monitor the teen until law enforcement, including the College Place Police Department, arrived.

According to a release from the District:

"Once CPPD arrived on scene, the student was quickly taken into custody in the classroom.  The student did not have a weapon in possession, but admitted to bringing an AirSoft gun to school on Tuesday.  The student faces both school discipline and the district will pursue charges with College Place PD."

It is not known if the student had placed the pistol in a locker or elsewhere in the school.

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