Hopefully, the outcome is good for this fellow.

Dog vs. Porcupine in Benton County

Benton County Deputies reported Wednesday they got some calls from residents about this dog, which obviously lost a bout to a porcupine. The exact location where the dog was found was not given, but this is not anything new in our region.

The BCSO says the animal was taken to a local vet for treatment and with help from Mikey's Chance Rescue, hopefully is doing better. The BCSO did not say if the dog is a stray or has an owner.

Dog vs. porcupine encounters can sometimes result in serious outcomes for the K-9.  A study done by the National Library of Medicine shows these encounters happen a lot more often than we think. The study says Siberian Huskies, Rottweilers, German Shepards and related mixed breeds are the most commonly reported to have been hurt by porcupines.

Aside from pain, dogs struck by a porcupine often experience infections, inflammation, and other issues from the quills.  Some dogs even suffered eye injuries if a quill struck their eyeball.

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In the Columbia Basin and southeastern WA, confrontations are becoming increasingly troublesome, as continued development affects the porcupines' habitats.

Dog owners are encouraged to make sure their pet doesn't get out, and if out with your dog, keep a watch for the prickly creatures.

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