Let's be honest. We like when life goes easy for us, right?

Low stress, only a few things to get done, a smile and non sweaty palms from being behind.

Let's keep you stress free!

Are you a parent with your arms in the air looking for advice?

7 Easy Parenting Tips

From fighting back monsters to getting the wiggles out, below are some of the best (imo) parenting hacks!

Gallery Credit: Aly

I love the monster spray hack! so easy and super effective. I do that at home with my little girl who's turning 7, and yes, the monster spray has given my evening back to me!

Let's cure that boredom, what are some cool things to do in Washington?

Things to do in Washington State

Social media could be down, or you may just simply be looking for something to do in our great Evergreen state, check out these options!

Gallery Credit: Aly

Personally, I love the long drives with no destinations, snacks and music. I will be that passanger princess with a smile on my face singing to each and every song in the car. think...


I tell you what, you tempt me with a good time (car ride) and I'll give you a full out concert. You're welcome.

Heck, maybe you're looking for job.

We have you covered there too.

11 Very Popular Jobs in Washington State

You know, that video game developer job looks super fun! I almost feel like myspace prepared us for coding and even right here with writing this article, I know how to paste those HTML codes now... Thanks Tom


Funny thing, I posted the HTML code for the gif above hahaha. Again, Thanks Tom.

Never be bored in Washington, get the advice you need, and enjoy the little things in life. We got this! Now Go Have a stress free day.

These 10 Famous People Are Buried In Washington State

Here are some famous people who are buried in Washington State that you might've forgotten about.

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Washington State's Billionaires

Most of us can't fathom a billion dollars - but these residents of Washington State can. They have been acknowledged on the Forbes 2024 Billionaires list. I'm sure you'll recognize the first - but do you recognize them all?

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