5th District Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers and U-S Senator Maria Cantwell joined their colleagues across the country in releasing statements in the wake of Hamas' surprise attacks on Israel. 

Representative McMorris Rodgers in conjunction with her House Abraham Accords Caucus Co-Chairs – Representatives Ann Wagner of Missouri, Brad Schneider of Illinois, and David Trone of Maryland said: 

“We fully condemn this horrific, unprovoked attack against Israel. Thousands of rockets have been launched at Israeli cities by Iranian-backed terrorists. Hamas is targeting innocent civilians, taking hostages, and executing people in a campaign of unrelenting terror. The reports of children and families forced into hiding shock us to our core. Our hearts go out to those who have lost loved ones, and we pray for the recovery of all those who have been injured. 

“These acts of war must be resolutely defeated. Hamas seeks nothing less than the destruction of Israel, a nation that has the fundamental right to defend itself against all forces of evil and violence. We stand together in lockstep with our ally Israel as they take the necessary actions to defend their country, protect their citizens, and restore security to its borders. Hamas must immediately end this invasion." 

Senator Maria Cantwell released this statement regarding the ongoing violence in Israel: 

"We must stand in solidarity with Israel in repelling this brutal attack on civilians and their towns. My heart goes out to the victims of these terrorist attacks and I am praying for civilians caught up in the fighting. We must ensure full U.S. support for Israel to defend itself and work to avoid further escalation and a wider war." 

U-S Senator Maria Cantwell
U-S Senator Maria Cantwell
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