The Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife will be holding a public meeting in Kennewick, WA come March 29th. The purpose will be to discuss the upcoming fishing seasons for salmon and steelhead for the central and eastern portions of the state. Images Images

This meeting will be a part of the annual North of Falcon season-setting process for the potion of the Columbia River upstream of McNary Dam and into the Snake River. This will be the first in-person meeting to focus on Eastern Washington salmon and steelhead fisheries since 2019. Images Images

On the docket will be presentations by WDFW fishery managers concerning current forecasts and season proposals, as well as discussions about the WDFW's Columbia River Fishery Policy as it will relate to geographical allocations of spring Chinook in recreational fisheries from the mouth of the Columbia River, all the way to the Snake River. Images Images

WDFW fishery managers are slated to present not only forecasts and season proposals, but will also accept public comments on those proposed seasons. Images Images

This meeting will be held at the offices of the Kennewick Irrigation District on Wednesday, March 29th from 6-8pm. Though this will be an in-person meeting, a video presentation on season proposals is already on Also, anyone unable to attend is welcomed to submit comments online.

For more, including additional information about further public meetings, visit the North of Falcon website.

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