Halloween is known for its chills, shrills and kills and scary times are ahead for the Richland Library.

A "slay" of activities for kids, teens and adults are on tap for the rest of October.

Alyssa Uresky-Pratt is one of the librarians. She says the library's calendar of Halloween events starts off strong this week with Spooky Soda and Scribbles for teenagers.

"Where they're going to follow along and paint a haunted graveyard scene after making their own concocted potions to sip on." Uresky-Pratt said.

Also mark your calendar for Monster Rocks. They're sweet during the day, spooky when the sun goes down.

"We have you go into Frankenstein's laboratory with your kids and create your own monster rocks using materials. We're going to grab river rocks for you, and you can create your own Frankenstein." says Uresky-Pratt.

To caps things off, Richland will show some family friendly and R-rated movies over four days: Practical Magic, Scooby Doo and the Reluctant Werewolf, Hocus Pocus followed by a double feature of Army of Darkness and the 2013 version of Evil Dead.

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