The Pasco Police Department has released body cam footage on its Facebook page of an officer involved shooting more than three years ago. 

The release of the video follows Monday’s sentencing of Miguel Angel Montalvo in Franklin County Superior Court. 

2020 Pasco Officer involved shooting

Montalvo agreed to a plea deal that resulted in a 49.5 year prison sentence on charges of Attempted Murder, First Degree Assault, Second Degree Assault and more.

The shooting happened May 17, 2020 near 12th and Sylvester where Miguel Montalvo and Juan Montalvo, wanted on kidnapping and attempted murder charges, opened fire on Officers Joshua Glass and Eric Fox in an alley.  

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Both officers returned fire, wounding Miguel Montalvo and killing Juan Montalvo. 

Officers rendered first aid to Miguel Montalvo and called for paramedics to continue treatment. He was eventually transported to the hospital. 

The guns used to fire at the officers were found at the scene.

Officer Involved Shooting

Pasco Police say Monday’s sentencing provides a semblance of closure to this traumatic incident. 

The department release of the video can be found here.

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