Walla Walla Police are looking for a suspect(s) in connection with the shooting of a juvenile early this morning (8/15).

It happened in an apartment in the 200 block of Tausick Way where a call went out to 911.

"Caller had said that somebody had just shot through the wall and one of the juvenile children in the residence had a bullet wound," Police Sergeant Nick Loudermilk said. "The Major Crimes and the Walla Walla Regional Drug and Gang Task Force were called to investigate and process the scene. The suspects are still at large, suspect or suspects. We're not sure how many there are at this time."

Paramedics treated and transported the victim to the hospital. The exact age and gender of the victim is unknown. Police are also not releasing where the victim was shot.

Detectives don't believe the shooting was a random act.

"There was evidence on scene to lead us to believe this was an intentional, targeted shooting." Sergeant Loudermilk added.

Detectives are staying tight-lipped about the evidence. They say the investigation remains active and certain details haven't been confirmed yet.

While police were enroute to the shooting, a driver unrelated to the incident was apparently spooked by one of the responding officers and sped away.

Sergeant Loudermilk says it took only seconds for the driver to reach triple digit speeds, lose control on Highway 12 near Wilbur Avenue, and crash into a field.

"We're guessing they thought they were being pulled over and didn't want to stop like a lot of people in Washington state these days. They just hit the gas and crashed. There was no pursuit." Sergeant Loudermilk said.

The driver refused medical attention. He was cited and released.

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