Imagine the streets in the Tri-Cities that are so slick that you could ice skate down them. Well, Pasco Police Officers did just that.

The Winter Storm Brought in some Challenging Conditions to the Tri-Cities

This past weekend brought an onslaught of winter weather. The winter conditions brought snow, freezing rain, and ice to Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland. The conditions caused issues for law enforcement agencies across the three cities. The Richland Police Department even posted on their Facebook page that: "Our night shift patrol officers say the current road conditions are some of the worst they have seen in their careers here in Tri-Cities."

Photo: Pasco PD
Photo: Pasco PD

Pasco's Ice Skating Police Officers

Officers with the Pasco Police Department took to social media to demonstrate how slick the streets were in a very unique way by donning ice skates and going for a skate on some of the icy streets of Pasco.

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A Watermain Break is to Blame for Some Friday Morning Commute Headaches 

The Richland Police Department got the word out about the water main break incident this morning on a social media post that reported a "significant" water main break near the I-182 Overpass on Keene Rd in Richland.

Crews on site of the break (Photo: RPD)
Crews on site of the break
(Photo: RPD)

Repair Efforts on the Richland Water Main Break are Underway

 The City of Richland Government Water Department was on site of the break this morning to start repairing the break. Officials say that Keene Road, running from Jericho Road to Duportail St., will only be drivable in one direction for an extended period of time. However, I-182 remains open to drivers, minus one westbound lane that is flooded and muddied near the overpass. 

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