If you're like me, you misplace your wallet all the time. Well, I used to put my wallet on a long chain along with my keys, which I usually keep around my neck. I store my debit card and a few dollars in cash in my wallet, as well as perhaps a business card or two that I've been given by new associates.

I'm not sure why someone would be carrying their Social Security card around in their wallet, but if you do, the Feds are warning us to get it out of there immediately. Put it somewhere safe and not obvious, just in case you get robbed.


Scammers Be Scammin' especially during the holidays so don't keep your social security card in your wallet

Nobody likes to think about that horrifying scenario, but these days, you can't be too careful! This isn’t some small warning; news outlets across the country are issuing the warning to their local residents, too.

It seems that those of us who carry Social Security cards in our wallets are most susceptible to scams. With the holidays coming up, "scammers be scamming" even more than they already do.

If someone crooked were to get ahold of your SSN, they could open up credit cards and take out loans in your name, thus damaging any sort of decent credit you might have now (or in the future).

Losing control of your Social Security card can also lead to long wait times to get a new one. You never know when you’re going to need it. I had to have mine to apply for a passport. Fortunately, I already knew exactly where my card was—in a very safe and protected place.

You didn’t think I was going to tell you where I keep my Social Security card, did you?

Nice try, pally!


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