Tate Stevens made quite the impression on Wednesday's (Sept. 19) episode of 'X Factor.' The singer, 37, performed Randy Houser's 'Anything Goes' at the Kansas City auditions and was quickly anointed the next country star by the panel of judges.

Before he opened his mouth to sing a note, Stevens exhibited a larger-than-life, fun personality. When asked what kind of music he sang -- as if that question needed to be posed, since he was wearing a cowboy hat -- he joked, "Rap."

The judges then asked him what he'd do with the $5 million prize booty if he won. "I'd have a big a-- party, and everyone is invited!" he responded.

Stevens is a bit older than your average 'X Factor' contestant, but his talent display on Wednesday was undeniable. He is a Belton, Missouri native and works for the street department, handling asphalt and concrete -- but that's not his calling... at all. When he sang Houser's song, his voice had a rich timbre and tone, with just enough twang and a "lived in" vibe.

The audience absolutely loved him and gave him a standing ovation. The judges echoed that sentiment.

"You are so likeable and funny, and then you blew me away with your voice. I love country music," cooed the youngest judge, pop actress Demi Lovato. Louis Walsh, the British 'X Factor' judge who filled in for a sick Simon Cowell, said, "We found ourselves a country star."

It was pop superstar Britney Spears who offered the highest praise, exclaiming, "You are my favorite so far, and I love you."

Stevens won universal yeses from the crowd and the critics, and he was unanimously moved on to the next round.

Watch Tate Stevens Perform Randy Houser's 'Anything Goes' on 'X Factor'

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