Nearly five years ago, a crack was spotted on Rattlesnake Ridge near Union Gap. That crack turned into a slide that had officials really worried for a while there.

There were constant updates on the news at the time, and even talk of the slide reaching the highway. Folks who live near the slide had to be evacuated and it looked like it was going to be quite the little disaster.

But the slide has slowed and doesn't get much attention these days. Officials say it's moving at about 2 inches per week at this point. A rapid slide was initially a big concern, but now experts are saying that probably won't happen.

I love all of the basalt rock we have in this area, it's beautiful for landscaping and looks so very Eastern Washington-ish. And we have the basalt to thank for the slowing of this slide right now according to an article published last October.

As the basalt slides, it is stacking up and forming a kind of stop for the slide. Kind of like digging your heels into the dirt when you're being pulled. Officials say the cause of the landslide has not been identified after all this time, but my guess is...loose dirt and gravity (why didn't they just ask me?).

Here's an exceptional video with amazing views of the slide...and the guy who took it has a darn good explanation for the cause...allowing the quarry to dig into its south slope...okay, that's a better explanation than mine. Dang it.


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