Maren Morris' "Rich" is a fan-favorite, made-for-radio singalong that twists an old saying into a very fresh way to approach heartbreak.

Forgive yourself if you missed the pathos of "Rich," Morris' fourth single from Hero. Her performance is sunny and the arrangement contagious. How many "la-di-da" songs deal with two-faced, back-stabbing liars that you can't quit? She twists the knife with a smile during this pop-friendly jam.

Sure, Morris could have just said "If I had a dollar ..." but we would have then been robbed of illustrious imagery found throughout her chorus. Jessie Jo Dillon and Laura Veltz helped her add color and metaphor, but without a breakup fresh on her mind (the singer has revealed she wrote the album in the midst of one) it'd not be nearly as sincere as a performance.

Did You Know?: Morris continues to spread beyond country music with an upcoming tour with Niall Horan and a new song called "The Middle" with Zedd.

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Maren Morris' "Rich" Lyrics:

La-a-a-a-a-di-da / La-a-a-a-a-di-da / If I had a dollar every time that I swore you off / And a twenty every time that I picked up when you called / And a crisp new Benjamin for when you're here then gone again / And a dollar every time I was right about you after all.

Boy I'd be rich, head to toe Prada / Benz in the driveway, yacht in the water / Vegas at the Mandarin, high roller gambling / Me and Diddy drippin' diamonds like Marilyn / No I wouldn't be covered in all your IOU's / Every promise you made me would have some real value / 'Cause all the little lies rolling on your lips / Is money falling from the sky (ka-ching, ka-ching) shit I'd be rich / La la la di da / I'd be rich / La la la di da.

If I had a dime every time that you crossed my mind / Well I'd basically be sitting on a big ass pile of dimes / And all the times that you make my heart feel cheap I might as well have won the lottery / All of this pain and me cursing your name would just turn into dollar signs.

Told myself I wouldn't do this again / But how much you wanna bet I'mma do this again.

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