I'm a financial train wreck. I need to go to the "Total Money Makeover" live event at Faith Assembly Church in Pasco.

Woody: "Me too, but I don't need help, I just need more money."

My two boys have birthdays coming up, I think I'll send them to the event to be schooled in finances by Dave Ramsey financial coach Chris Hogan.

Woody: "I wish I had done something like this when I was younger. There's no reason I shouldn't have a big savings account."

My biggest challenge is heading to the grocery store and walking out broke.

Woody: "Me too! I walk in and grab one of those little carts because all I need is milk and eggs and then I remember stuff I need and walk out thinking, 'How did I spend $76?'"

If we teach good money habits to our children they'll make smart decisions early on and be better off long term.

Listen to our interview with financial coach Chris Hogan: