Strange things were definitely afoot at the Circle K in Moses Lake.

Orion Pictures
Orion Pictures

"I'm just glad they didn't start shooting inside. I'm fine, but I'm smoking more than usual tonight."

That's the quote from the cashier who witnessed a six person brawl inside the store that spilled outside and eventually led to gunfire erupting from one of two moving vehicles Wednesday evening beginning in the parking lot of the Moses Lake Circle K gas station and convenience store. At least seven shots were fired.

The cashier reported that earlier three men entered the store and were casually conversing and pouring themselves drinks when a second set of three men entered the establishment and circled around behind them.

In a Keystone Kops moment, unfortunately not yet released to the public through the store surveillance footage, the men starting fighting but lost their footing and started to slip on the floor as the cascading soda kept flowing from the taps becoming more sticky by the moment.

Police are currently investigating the incident and searching for the men involved, though law enforcement has identified a number of people of interest.

A fistfight that turned into a gunfight at the 'ol Circle K Corral.

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