Kennewick Police are investigating a case of 'squatting,' or people illegally moving into and living in a vacant home.

Police responded to this home at 103 South Kellogg street after neighbors reported seeing people moving in some belongings and taking up residence. The neighbors alerted police because they had heard the homeowner passed away.

Upon investigation police found evidence someone had indeed tried to move in. The home has now been officially posted with no trespassing and legal signs, and they're asking anyone in the area to call 911 if they see any activity around or in the house.

Depending upon the will and estate of the homeowner, these things can take months to determine who legally gets the home, or if it had to go to probate or even auction. This was a common problem during the Real Estate Bust 8-9 years ago, when homeless or other people would just occupy a foreclosed or otherwise abandoned home.

In many cases, squatting is accompanied by some sort of illegal activity, often drug related.

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