If you see a giant X in the forest, you might want to leave the area as soon as possible.

What Does A Giant X In The Forest Mean?

I learn something new every day and if you are a Bigfoot hunter or fan, you might already know what the giant X in a forest means but I just found out.

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Bigfoot hunters and followers believe that a giant X in a forest is a sign that a Bigfoot dwelling is nearby and that it's a warning sign to stay away from its habitat.

I saw the posting in a Bigfoot group I follow and a Bigfoot follower had posted several photos of what he termed Bigfoot structures.

How Do You Identify A Big Foot Structure?

According to the poster Anthony Marr, to qualify for an X, the two logs must be in physical contact with each other, plus they are being secured or anchored in one or more of several standard ways though never by means of ropes or nails which seem beyond the capability or technology of their makers.

Check Out These Photos Showing Off The Big Foot Structures

Marr has compiled several photos in the Pacific Northwest showing the structures.

If the X is held together by ropes or nails, it's obviously not a Bigfoot warning.

It's widely speculated that these X's serve as a warning sign to anyone entering the forest to disturb the habitat of the Bigfoot.

If you are out in the forest and see one of these X's, it might mean a Bigfoot is in the area but it's up to you if you decide if you want to stay or go.

You can read more about Bigfoot structures here and happy hunting!

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