Pasco police are using the slogan, "If it goes up or blows up it's not allowed". And I'm pretty sure that we all know the fireworks rules in Kennewick, Richland, and Pasco are different than in West Richland. But West Richland still has plenty of rules, and you could be fined up to $1000 if you don't comply. I live in West Richland and we love the show our neighbors and surrounding neighborhoods put on. But we hate it for our dog! We sit in our backyard and watch the show for hours. It's crazy how non-stop it is once it gets going. Almost like 'battle of the neighborhoods. There will be a huge display a few blocks over, then my neighborhood answers in kind. Many of these mortars and shells are Disney-quality fireworks. I'm not even sure if all of them are legal in West Richland. For instance, according to the West Richland fireworks code, a mortar must be 1 3/4 inches or smaller and may contain no more than 40 g of pyrotechnic composition. I'm pretty sure the 1 3/4 inch means the circumference of the tube. On July 5th I always see lots of those empty mortar tubes sitting on sidewalks, but I've never actually measured one. Nor will I, LOL. By the way, if you get a hold of some fireworks that are not legal and think you can just hop over to West Richland and set them off, you should know that you can't do that in any public park within the city of West Richland including vehicle parking areas.

Here's the deal for Pasco fireworks:



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