This past weekend, my wife and I stopped into Country Mercantile in Pasco for lunch. We hadn't been there in a long while and I have to tell you it was terrific! I got the turkey club and she got the French dip. Granted, they are $9 sandwiches but they honestly we're really good. Everyone knows that you can't stop into Country Mercantile without looking around after you eat. So we ended up bringing home a few choice items like jalapeno pepper jelly and a really nice-looking, huge cantaloupe, and this crazy delicious watermelon shown above. I scanned the Q R code and found out it is from Bellinger Farms just outside of Hermiston. Yes, $8 is too much to pay for a watermelon around these parts, but we were already there and decided to bring one home. We asked listeners on our Facebook page how much they pay for good local watermelons. I know how popular Walchli melons are and we usually look for that brand. But the watermelon from Bellinger Farms was excellent also. Judy commented that she paid $5.95 for watermelons at Walmart that were local. And then somebody who lives in Iowa but obviously has connections to the Tri-Cities said that she pays just $3.69 for watermelons there that are from Washington or Oregon! Bonnie commented on our Facebook page that Bellinger and Walchli melons are both very juicy and full of flavor. And a fellow by the name of Jefferson commented that he likes Hagerman watermelons. I looked them up online and they are out of Idaho.

S I guess most folks are paying closer to $6 for watermelons at Walmart right now, and even cheaper if you stop by the actual farm or farm stand. Unless you live in $3.69 for melons grown here!


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