I'm usually pretty good about NEVER TEXTING while driving, but I do talk on my cell but always use my ear buds.

I took the dogs for a hike up Badger Mountain this morning and on my way back stopped to look at some property for sale. I needed to talk to the realtor and so since I didn't have my ear buds I was using my speaker phone and holding it out in front of me

At one point, I couldn't hear her so I put the phone up to my ear for just a second and there he was!!  Coming right at me! A Glorious Police Officer!!

Yikes! I dropped my phone to my lap and as he passed he turned on his lights and flipped around. I was soooo BUSTED!

He was very nice and since I haven't had any infractions he gave me a warning and let me go! Which was incredibly nice of him as I was totally GUILTY!

So, I learned my lesson. No more. I will not talk at all unless I have ear buds and then probably only when I'm pulled over as it really can be distracting. And NEVER, NEVER TXT while driving.

So, if you are one who does talk or text, here is a good reminder for you too! So neither of us will have a ticket! :)