LED, or Light Emitting Diode, lights are the way to go. They use 80% less energy and last longer. Some look like the old school mini bulbs...

Steve Woods/TSM

Others look like this...

Steve Woods/TSM

But I had a hard time finding traditional blinking lights in LED. Apparently lots of people HATE BLINKING CHRISTMAS TREES! I love them.

So revisit the first pic in this post and read the box...they blink, chase, flash and have 14 other settings and they are LED. Ifound them at Walmart. Good for indoor and outdoor use.


If one bulb goes out, they all go out. Doesn't say that on the box, only in the fine print on the instructions inside. So if the strand goes out, you have to plug in a replacement bulb (included) into every slot until you find the culprit.

Also, you cannot connect this particular set 'end to end,' so get your extension cords and multi-plug adapters ready.


I love this tree as long as I don't have to replace a bulb!

Steve Woods/TSM