Right now would be a really good time to learn how to win radio contests. We've got a record-number of things you can win right now, and we'll be giving away thousands and thousands of dollars in May -- we're also working on a trip to give away soon!

So here's how to win radio contests:

On Air

People tend to think it has something to do with the timing of the call. Maybe -- but how people usually win the call-in contests is they hang up and call again! The DJ says, "Sorry, you're caller No. 3" -- then they CALL BACK! Seriously, it works.


Enter everything. You can't win something you didn't enter. It's quite common for people to win something every month -- because that's all our rules let them! They enter everything and they're the random winner quite often. It could be you.

With the exception of the 30-day rule for winners, our selection process is totally random. Your chances are as good as anyone's and if you play consistently you will find yourself a winner.



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