Talking your way out of a speeding tickets is really very simple.  If you get pulled over for speeding, be kind, don't argue and give the officer your current paperwork - that's it!   Well, that's what has worked for me.  You see, my wife has done the exact same thing many times and has always gone home with a pink slip.  This makes her mad.

Call it luck, good karma - whatever.  I've never had a traffic ticket!  Even when I deserved one.  On Thursday afternoon I was running late for my sons baseball game in Walla Walla.  I pushed the accelerator down fully aware that I was speeding and thinking to myself what I always think when I speed - "you'll be sorry,  you're gonna get your first ticket".

So, when I saw blue lights behind me I wasn't surprise.   I actually laughed out loud and told my wife - "there's a first time for everything".   I pulled over and got all my paperwork out and handed it to the friendly Trooper when he arrived at my window.   He asked me if I knew I was speeding and I said, "yes".   He took my stuff and went to his vehicle.  He returned about 5 minutes later and asked me where I was headed and if I was late.   I said I was going to my sons baseball game and yes -  I was late.   He smiled and said, "slow it down a bit and have a good night".

This has happened to me on three different occasions - all with my wife in the car.  She punched me in the shoulder.



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