Since we're expecting another great lightning show in NE Oregon and SE Washington this evening, I thought I would share with you some good tips on lightning photography. I'm not a very good photographer at all, but like everyone, I have a smartphone and that comes in pretty handy at times for us amateurs.

I've discovered that there are two great ways to capture lightning on your phone:

1. Set your camera up for 'burst' shots and then choose the ones that came out great.

2. Record video of the lightning and pause it on a perfect shot, then screen capture that. (I did that to capture the photo above)

You may want to choose a 'night' setting for the best shot. Most phones today have cameras that will let you adjust the F stop or the exposure thingy or whatever. I don't mess with that stuff, but there are plenty of Youtube videos that teach you how for your Apple or Android phone.

Enjoy the lightning show tonight! I hope it's as good as light night.


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